Habermann Film TECH Awesome Tips About Bluetooth Page Turners From Unlikely Sources

Awesome Tips About Bluetooth Page Turners From Unlikely Sources

Introduction about Bluetooth Page-Turners 

When someone is on the stage or in the recording studio, time is a very critical factor to consider. Bluetooth page-turners mainly enable users to use their feet to swipe from one page to another. This indispensable tool will allow someone to digitize their entire sheet music library. This mainly enables someone to wirelessly turn the pages on someone’s smartphone or tablet. Hands-free. The biggest use of this is turning pages on sheet music.

Features offered by some of the Bluetooth page-turners 

Bluetooth Page turners are mainly compatible with sheet music and the chart software. This is also compatible with hundreds of apps with uses one might need as a musician. For example:

  1. These are having a solid metal enclosure which is built mainly for the road.
  2. These are having the left/right footswitches that mainly turn pages left or right, or scroll up and down seamlessly
  3. These have the 50+ foot range and the same can be configured within select apps to control different multiple devices at once and is able to turn the whole band’s page together.
  4.  This can last up to 150 hours on a single 9v battery or the power using a 9VDC 1500mA power adapter.
  5. Some of the page-turners can activate the Virtual Keyboard for taking notes.
  6. One can also charge the phone or tablet.
  7. Some of them are durable and have a streamlined design.
  8. This device can be mainly paired with any PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet.
  9. This device can take control of the music reading, scrolling the lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting or the media control, and many more.

Some of the top 5 products are:

  1. Coda Music Technologies STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner & Controller
  2. PageFlip Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal (PFBUTTERFLY01)
  3. Donner Bluetooth Tablet Page Turner (EC974)
  4. AirTurn QUAD Page Turner with 4 Pedals
  5. 5. IK Multimedia Wireless Page Turner (IPIRIGBTURN)

For full list visit – https://whatever-tech.com/best-bluetooth-page-turners-review/

Factors to watch while buying the Bluetooth Page-Turners 

The Bluetooth page-turners can be a musician’s best friend, but it mainly helps to know exactly what someone is looking for before they dive headfirst into the market. They mainly tend to be compact, lightweight, and plain. Features to look while buying are:

  1. Page-Turners mainly consist of two pedals. The pedals are typically set on a small metal or the plastic platform which is mainly intended to sit on the floor. Pedals need to be durable enough to withstand the ample amount of foot contact. As most of the musicians can tell that the onstage equipment takes a pretty hard beating, especially those devices which literally sit on top of the floor.
  2. It’s vital to select the page-turner which is compatible with any smart device. The vast majority of the page-turners someone came across were mainly compatible with the Apple and Android systems.
  3. It’s also important to consider the range of distance at which the page-turner can be synced. Most of the page-turners could sync between 30 to 100 feet.
  4. Most of the page-turners offer a handful of various pedal modes. In most cases, the users can set their pedal modes through the app of their liking. Some of the popular pedal modes include page up/page down, the page left/page right, and the distinct trigger selections.
  5. Most of the musicians have spent endless hours administering their pedal boards and stage presence. With that said, it’s often essential that the page-turner should be compact and easy to locate.

Many of the manufacturers normally claim that their wireless page-turners are entirely noiseless.

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