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Birth Of Online Slot Gaming

Gambling has been enduring since life has started on earth. The games have only enhanced since then. It got new rules and protocols, and the ways of playing are just building up day today.

Slot machines were first brought up in the early 19th century. At that time, it was merely a coherent 3-reel design with some symbols on it. The 1st such system set up was called ‘The Liberty Bell’, which was the most appreciated. Later a 5-reel slot came forth, but the 3-slot machines remained enduring.

The eras of the evolution of slot machines:

  • The first slot machine was fashioned in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt. This was a Poker machine having a total of 50 playing cards and 5 drums. In 1902, the slot machines were banned officially, but the assembelence of The Liberty Bell was continued.
  • 1964 was the time when the first fully electromechanical slot came into existence. It was called ‘Honey Bee’. It was around 1967 when the first proper video slot was made. It gained o lot of attention at its time, but in 1978, Fortune Coin was acquired by IGT.
  • In 1995, released the milestone in the history of slots with the manufacturing of ‘Reel’ by VMS Industries Inc. Slots were becoming more attentive during this period.


The slot machines became popular as well as were simple in use. Earlier it just offered dinky rewards like bubble gum or a few cents, but as soon as the classic slot machines came to existence, engagement of more and thus better rewards made it more demanding across the world.

But with the advancement in technology, there has been seen improvement in online slot games too. Earlier land-based casinos are now played online. Thus making it more demanding. It was in 1963 when the first electromagnetic video slot was exposed. It even offered a better payout then.

At this time, the machines had started using graphical themes on screens rather than mechanical reels. As the software came forth, game developers were more inclined to make more pay lines, symbols, and reels. Now they even had their sway over the payouts.

Growth in market

Slowly and steadily, the market of online casinos is increasing due to its best services and top-class games. The modernization of slot machines leads to better features. Modern video slots have different kinds of pay lines in the form of various shapes and sizes, horizontally or vertically, zigzag or diagonal patterns.

There are now numerous forms of online games which one can play easily, like casinos, poker, sports betting, bingo, lotteries, horse racing betting, mobile gambling, etc. It is genuinely accepted that slot online is associated with high risks, but the higher the risk better is the reward. Both online and offline casinos provide better chances to win, but rewards are even better on online casinos.

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