Habermann Film SMOKING The Main Accessories Of Cigar Lighters

The Main Accessories Of Cigar Lighters

You might think that you just require a cigar and a lighter for smoking a cigar, but this is not the case; there are other essential elements that you will require. These accessories will help in puffing the cigar in a better and comfortable way.

Usually, the best lighter for cigar is taken by people of the high-class family as these are no available at a reasonable price, so these are usually not affordable by middle-class families, but they even act as a status symbol. Even the cigars and the accessories come in different brands; you can select the brands according to your preference.

Purofine or butane:

Cigar lighters come in a number of brands; some of them use butane while others use purofine. Purofine is nothing but a high-performance butane that increases a lighter’s performance, and because of this, lighters usually give high flame. You can purchase the lighter filled with butane or from the online market at an affordable price.

Cigar cutter:

A cigar cutter is basically used to cut the cigar. If you purchase a sharp blade cutter, you will be able to cut the top of the cigar, but if you purchase a cutter of low quality, it will smash the top and push the tobacco. It is not an essential accessory, as in case if you don’t have this accessory, you can just get the cigar cut from a reputable cigar shop.

Cigar punch:

This is an alternate for a cigar cutter. This also helps in creating a hole on the top of the cigar. The people who usually take a cigar can either keep it in their pocket or hang on the keychain. Most people prefer punch over cutter as this provides a consistent result. Even they are safer as they need not be sharp to cut the cigar, but they must be clean with nice edges.

Cigar humidor:

People who take cigars regularly will require a cigar humidor. In this, you can store the cigar for an extended period of time. As cigar require a different environment to retain the taste of the cigar and so that they don’t dry.


No matter when and where you choose to smoke, you will always require an ashtray to collect the falling ashes. Cigars are usually not puffed on continuously, you will take a rest in between, and at that time, you can put the cigar on the ashtray so that the cigar cools down and even prevent from burning.

Travel cases:

This is another essential accessory if a person takes a cigar during his travel time. Cigar cases are usually small pouches made up of leather that can hold 2-3 cigars at a time. These are available at a comparatively lower price; if you are going on a short trip, you can prefer to buy it over a cigar humidor.

Wind up:

The person who takes cigars regularly should have complete information on all the accessories that are required and also they should have best lighter for cigar. As if you will have complete knowledge about the accessories, then you can use the cigar in a better way.

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