Habermann Film TOOLS What do I need to pay attention to when buying a labeling device?

What do I need to pay attention to when buying a labeling device?

If you want to buy a labeling device, then you should pay special attention to quality. The device, whether mechanical or electrical, should be robust and of high quality. The robust and high quality does not necessarily show on a labeling device. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to appropriate tests and internet reviews.

With mechanical devices, the letters should also be solidly anchored in the device. You can tell the quality of an electrical device by the absence of printing errors and impurities. If there are impurities, such as ink liquefaction due to too much ink, then the device is not of high quality.

Besides quality, the choice of keyboard layout is also important. ABC layout and QWERTZ layout variants are usually available for selection. QWERTZ layout is known mainly from German PC keyboards. Which layout is the right one for you depends on your requirements and preferences?

Many people are used to QWERTZ keyboards and get along better with the keyboard layout than with the ABC layout. With the ABC-Layout the keyboards are arranged in alphabetical order. With this layout variant, children and people who are not familiar with writing on a PC keyboard will get along better.

If you do not prefer or want either one or the other variant, then you should buy a mechanical labeling device. Many mechanical variants have a rotary wheel that can be used to select the individual letters. Cumbersome keyboard entries are not necessary.

The width of the labels is another purchase criterion. Standard label widths of 16 and 18 mm are available. However, depending on the model, a roll with a width of 19 mm or 24 mm can also be inserted into the device. The mentioned widths apply to labels. The narrow tapes known from classic labeling devices have a width of 6 to 12 mm. If you want it narrower, you can also use tapes of 3.5 mm.

If certain labels, as well as tape widths, are not available for a device or if a labeling device has certain special widths, then the writing tapes should be purchased directly from the manufacturer. In certain Brother devices, TZ tapes are used, which are particularly robust and should be protected against water, chemicals, and light.

These special tapes are available in various online stores. If you want to stick a label or writing tape on steel or glass, you should use so-called TZE-S tapes. Tapes with the label should stick to steel or glass. For the labeling of textiles, wood as well as plastics, there are special labels, which do not necessarily have to be designed by a labeling machine.

Another purchase factor is printing speed. The printing speed of a labeling device is given in millimeters per time period. The more millimeters a device prints per second, the faster it works. If you want to buy a labeling device that prints fast, then you should buy a device with a speed of at least 10 mm per second.

Font types, font sizes, and the general number of characters, symbols, and special characters can be another purchase criterion. For example, if you want to print or emboss umlauts, punctuation marks or special characters, you should pay attention to the number of characters when buying. Special characters also include the “ß” or the Euro sign.

Furthermore, models with different fonts and font formatting (size, bold, italics) can also be selected. If you only need simple fonts and no special characters, a simple mechanical marking device is sufficient. Who would like however squiggly writings, which are times bold or times italic printed, which should select a more modern inscription device?

Labeling devices, as for example from Brother (p-touch) have formatting and font design possibilities. Electrical labeling devices often offer the possibility to print 2 or 3 lines. Who would like to have format templates to choose from, which can be renewed by the update, should choose a model that can be connected to a PC? Usually, models with a PC connection can be loaded with additional fonts and symbols.

What equipment does a labeling device have?

The equipment can be chosen in many ways. You can choose between models with format templates, special characters, and symbols. You can choose variants that are operated by QWARTZ or ABC keyboard. You have mechanical variants to choose from, which can be set to the correct letter by turning a dial.

Furthermore, there are modern label printers, which can be connected to the PC and used as a printer.

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