Habermann Film TECH Why managed WordPress hosting is the ideal option for your website?

Why managed WordPress hosting is the ideal option for your website?

What is managed WordPress hosting?

It’s a plan in which your provider “manages” your site and server for you, as the name implies. WordPress hosting implies it will handle a variety of important duties for you, such as maintaining your website, so you don’t have to.

Benefits of managed WordPress hosting

Support from WordPress experts

While most WordPress hosting companies provide some degree of help, you can be confident that a managed WordPress provider’s support crew is WordPress-savvy. Not only do they comprehend it, but they are also specialists in it. They’ll know what settings a WordPress site needs to function at its best.

If you have any additional WordPress-related queries, they’ll be able to provide you with reliable recommendations. Because a managed hosting company focuses on a single CMS, the personnel behind it will be more knowledgeable about it and assist with a wide range of WordPress issues.

Security practices

Even if your website has never been hacked before, you should keep security in mind at all times. While choosing a managed WordPress server isn’t a guaranteed approach to keep your site safe, you’ll benefit from built-in security features.

For starters, most managed WordPress hosting providers include nightly site backups that you can restore if something goes wrong. Aside from backups, managed hosts optimize their servers for WordPress security, so you won’t have to bother about security plugins ever again.

Better performance

Managed WordPress host’s complete tech stack is customized to the WordPress experience is a significant benefit. It implies that your website will most likely have greater uptime, load quicker, and have fewer glitches than it does now. Managed hosting companies will also give performance upgrades such as a CDN, global server locations, and even instant-scaling technologies.

Easy to add SSL certificates

Installation of an SSL certificate used to include several back-and-forth discussions between your hosting provider and the certificate supplier. This method takes only a few clicks if you use a managed WordPress host that offers SSL certificates.

Managed hosting companies were instrumental in making SSL certificates simple to install and available to all website owners. Many managed WordPress providers have opted to provide free SSL certificates since it is considered an online best practice.

Ability to re-shell hosting

Managed WordPress providers make it simple to begin reselling hosting, making it simple to create a new cash stream for your company.

Easy site management

Everything will be neat and organized in one place if you host your sites with a managed WordPress server. It’s a single center for all your sites, so you don’t have to switch providers or deal with multiple configurations.

Simplifying your providers will save you a lot of time when it comes to spinning up new sites, especially if you’re starting to deal with additional customers or expanding your business.

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